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Custom Web Hosting

Custom Packages All the way

Here at Aztec we provide custom web hosting because we believe that having the incredible flexibility to aim to fulfil our customers needs is important, so we will obviously offer you our standard packages but our real strength is that we can create a price for your hosting based on your specifications. 

Do you want basic hosting? Hosting with a database? Two databases? A secure certificate? Do you register your own domain name and want to point it to our servers or do you want us to register one for you? Do you already have DNS or want to use the Cloudflare DNS we use? The choices are all yours.

Every customer has slightly different requirements and we don't want to tell you what you need. Unless you are totally unsure then we are happy to advise you based on your description of what sort of hosting you require. We can even produce a website for you based on your specification. It's all up to you.

Website Backup 

We can advise you on the best way to backup your website and if you wish to invest in one of our backup packages we can provide that extra bit of piece of mind for you too.

We have a selection of backup services paid monthly or annually for regular flat file based websites like those created in Dreamweaver of a coding editor and backup packages for dynamic sites like Wordpress, Drupal, Concrete 5 and Joomla.

Flat file website backups

Weekly backups £2 per week or £100 per year.

Wordpress specific backups

Weekly backups: £3 per week or £150 per year.

Other CMS or custom dynamic sites

Weekly backups £3 per week or £200 per year.

Monthly or nightly backups

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So you're looking at your website and thinking "Yeah, we need a price from Aztec to make this thing look insanely great!!!"

 Well then, what you waiting for?
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