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Nottingham web designers are ten a penny and when it comes to web design, Nottingham, like everywhere else has its share of bodgers and cowboys, but occasionally you find one or two that meet the grade. 

Your job as a customer is to sort the wheat from the chaff and that's no easy task.

Aztec Internet have a passion for building websites that wow our clients and we hope you would like to become one of them. 

We have spent more than twenty years as Nottingham based web designers for companies up and down the UK and we aim to provide the whole package to suit any specific requirements. 

From domain name registration to email and bespoke web hosting solutions for businesses large and small...


Aztec Internet have been providing web hosting and email since 1997 and have teamed up with Nottingham based ADS-Aztec to now provide Office 365 for business.


We're not just Nottingham web designers, we also provide  branding and graphic design for printed media. responsive Wordpress websites and WooCommerce stores to aid your successful Internet presence.


With our sister company Aztec Films we provide corporate films and promotional video and with over four hundred films under out belt we have provided films extensively for the property industry.


In order to avoid having issues with your email, Ionos, our email partner, are making some changes on the 24th April to improve the security of the way you send and receive email. They will no longer support TLS 1.0 encryption or unencrypted email and have set the new standard to use TLS 1.2.

Also if you are not using encrypted ports you need to more to them.

For a list of supported operating systems and mail programs and what settings you need to change to get the email back on track please read carefully this linked webpage on the Ionos website and if in doubt please talk to your IT department or company to help you implement these minor changes.

Thank you.

The Aztec Internet Team

Need a website?

We'd love to design it for you?

If you're local to us looking for web designers in Nottingham we aim to please...

Aztec Internet are one of the longest serving Nottingham web designers. We've maybe been around longer than most web designers in the  UK and we are still developing great websites for our clients and have been for over two decades. As a web designers here in Nottingham we have a pretty compact customer base however our clients are all over the country. We enjoy a good challenge and the variety that such a diverse business community in the UK presents makes for some very different website designs types. 

Our web design agency has always taken a tailored bespoke approach to website design. Even before we used Wordpress for web design we would always start with the consultancy and research phase, learning what the customer really wants. We take our time with this phase because we are usually asked to quote to replace a website that was planned in haste. This is never a good measure for a web design company to take so we don't want a repeat of the client's last experience.

We believe that you should try to get into the heads of your clients - in a good way! - and try to see the forthcoming website in the same way they do and give them a workable version, with our guidance of exactly what they want. By this I don't mean we don't advise. We're here to advise on current design trends, site construction to suit SEO and we'll not be shy in saying what a client wants won't actually work (if that's the case). It's all about the planning!

Never underestimate the power of a well planned website...

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