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Competitive cloud server pricing

Cloud Server Specifications

Cloud server pricing can be horrendous if you don't look around so we aim to be among the most competitive in order to give you more bang for your buck. With our managed hosting we aim to provide you with a level of service that you'll be  delighted with. When it comes to service we can be hands on with backups and Plesk updates and forthcoming with advice on using Plesk and we can also hold your hand if needed. It's up to you what you need we can happily quote for it.


  1. Wildcard SSL Certificate.
  2. ISO 27001 certified high-performance data centres.
  3. Firewall management.
  4. IPS/IDS.
  5. SIEM.
  6. Optional backup.
  7. Server Snapshot.
  8. Optional Images.
  9. SSH Keys
  10. VPN SSL
  11. Private Networks.

Miscellaneous & Service

  1. Servers are expandible during operation.
  2. VMware virtualisation.
  3. Load balanced.
  4. SSD SAN systems
  5. Optional block storage.
  6. Optional shared memory.
  7. Unlimited traffic.
  8. External connection per server up to 400 Mbit/s.
    10 Gbit/s internal network connection.

Prices range from £50 per month

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So why a cloud server?


Investing in a cloud server mean's you'll have full scalability of performance based on the ability to add dedicated resources whenever they are needed.

Simplicity of backup

Backups can be arranged at a small cost and can be ran daily, weekly, monthly and you can keep as many as you want. The cost to you is based on the amount of space you take up on the backup servers on a monthly basis.


Server administration can be locked down to a single fixed IP address (one of ours) so no-one else can get in past the firewall. We can also incorporate Fail2Ban to block IP addresses of people trying to hack Wordpress sites and the various administration tools on your cloud server.

Cloud server pricing, what's included?

As standard we include load balancing, shared storage, additional block storage and various tools fully integrated to administer the system and we actually do the tricky part for you so there is no worrying that you might break something. Plus all of our cloud servers run on VMWare virtualisation with physically separate storage and computing capacities.
We are sure you'll find our cloud server pricing with it's associated service competitive and if you are interested in our cloud servers and need a price for the service tailored to suit your needs please don't hesitate to contact us using the form on the right or alternatively email us with the email link below.

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