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Amazing animated backgrounds with

Particle Effects
Javascript is an amazing extensible scripting language and throughout the evolution of the web it's been used for so many effects it's unbelievable. From jQuery to simple animation of Cascading Style Sheets  we've enjoyed so many great effects and there are more and more coming every year.

Well this particle generator script is so variable it's incredible. With literally thousands of permutations we can make your webpage snow or twinkle with little stars, colours and outlines are all achievable as are the actual polygonal lines that can either be seen or not seen.

Try moving your mouse of finger on the page or clicking on it to see what interactivity you can achieve. Everything is configurable. Enjoy! 

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So you're looking at your website and thinking "Yeah, we need a price from Aztec to make this thing look insanely great!!!"

 Well then, what you waiting for?
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