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Parallax Effect
If you've seen the websites with elements on the page that once scrolled the items on the page move up at different speeds try scrolling this page. This effect is incredible.
Nottingham Web Design
Nottingham Web Design
Nottingham Web Design
This particular parallax effect is combined with animate on scroll to make it even more dynamic. It has a fade down and fade up scroll effect on the outside logo elements and a zoom out effect on the centre logo. 

With box shadows and transparency on the background boxes it really shows. the layering possible with web design and lightweight JavaScript effects.

If you want to see the scroll effects and parallax effect together refresh the page and then try scrolling the page upward.

We can apply this effect to most elements on a page. Used tastefully and sparingly and you can make your website look incredibly amazing.

Ready for Action?

So you're looking at your website and thinking "Yeah, we need a price from Aztec to make this thing look insanely great!!!"

 Well then, what you waiting for?
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