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Animated Gradient Backgrounds

A little animation goes a long way but it's better to be subtle. That's why we've started specifying animated gradient backgrounds. Used sparingly it can really beautify a website.

Also a smooth box shadow can really make a difference like the one on this box 

Draw the eye using

Animated Headings

Okay so you definitely wouldn't want to apply this effect to this block of text. But to a heading? Well it simply blows people's minds trying to figure out how to do this and it's a fantastic effect, but like the animated background gradients it really needs to be used sparingly. 

Size nicely using 

Responsive Headings
Now here's a thing.

Look at the majority of websites and you'll see thart the headings are not responsive. It really sets off a site to use responsive headings as the way to go and here how it looks. Scale down the side of the screen down and look at how the headings maintain their layout until they get to a really small size. Try it out. I'll wait!!!

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So you're looking at your website and thinking "Yeah, we need a price from Aztec to make this thing look insanely great!!!"

 Well then, what you waiting for?
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