Aztec Internet

Aztec Internet are a web hosting company that always like to pride ourselves in our friendly and jargon free approach to customer communications. Basically we do our best to avoid the tech talk if possible. Our personal touch is based on tailoring our product to suit your needs. Whether it be a domain name with single email or Office 365 account or a hosted website with database and backup facility right up to a dedicated cloud server, we will happily provide it with no caveats. Ours is literally a custom tailor made hosting service.

Our specialty is responsive Wordpress websites. Responsive meaning the website changes layout to be more efficient on mobile devices like phones as well as laying out nicely on large computer displays. 

We started back in 1997 at the beginning of the Web revolution and have been trading ever since with a simple ethic, to provide a personal service to our clients and not to grow out of all proportion and lose that personal touch. Many of our clients have been with us since the 90s and early 2000s and  enjoy a hassle free service. 
Since 1997 when we started on the now outdated web technologies of the day we progressed quickly to provide data driven sites including a very early predecessor to Zoopla and RightMove called "Forget Estate Agents" which sadly didn't have the marketing budget the big budget sites had and fell by the wayside but never the less was a visionary website. 

We since diversified to provide, through our sister company ADS-Aztec, the highly popular Microsoft Office 365 Exchange based email and corporate films.

Our background was originally in Graphic design and branding back in the day when we were called Bentley Graphics and because of this we offer graphic design services too. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking to get any design or web work done or if you simply want to move your website over to us.
Doing the web thing since 1997...

Ready for Action?

So you're looking at your website and thinking "Yeah, we need a price from Aztec to make this thing look schweeeet!" Well then, what you waiting for?
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